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Nano Shine

Size :

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NanoShine takes traditional polishing wisdom by using a cutting agent to remove the worst peaks (1500 grade is very fine so the surface will develop a deep shine). This smoother surface is also coated with a light nano layer which gives protection from dirt and forms a perfect base for NanoSeal or NanoBoost.

  • Removes scratches down to 1500 grade
  • Provides a hydrophobic finish
  • Even used on its own it is a great polish for a smooth hydrophobic finish
  • Recommended to follow up with NanoBoost before events or NanoSeal at the start of the season
  • Perfect Preparation for NanoSeal




How to apply

  1. Apply NanoShine directly to the hull – evenly spaced out blobs (can we quantify this a bit better)
  2. Polish hull using circular motions – in hot climates a little water can be sprayed onto the hull to prevent polish drying out
  3. For best results use a powered buffer – if polishing by hand a BoatSpeed detailing towel is best
  4. As NanoShine dries to a haze, use a fresh section of the BoatSpeed detailing towel to buff to a brilliant shine 

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