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Nano Wash

Title :

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Before any polishing of the hull it should be clean. Dirt can easily build up in the tiny scratches found on the hull surface 

  • NanoWash will penetrate and remove this dirt before any polishing.
  • Polishing a dirty hull is bad as the dirt is much coarser than 1500 grade so will scratch the surface (causing more scratches).

Only use BoatSpeed NanoWash on a hull which has had NanoSeal applied – this will help maintain your NanoSeal finish


How to apply

  1. Mix in a bucket of water – a good glug into a bucket if fine
  2. Mix up the wash with water so it foams and bubbles
  3. Apply to hull and allow to soak
  4. Hose excess from hull
  5. Wipe dry with a BoatSpeed Detailing Towel

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