Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Speed

Microscopically smooth finish, fills scratches and reduces drag. Anti-foul alternative for boats left in the water at regattas.

Get the competitive edge with BoatSpeed!

Better Protection
Better Protection

The super hard finish from Nano Seal offers protection from trolleys, trailers, fenders, floating objects and debris. 

Protection like you have never seen before!

No maintenance
No maintenance

BoatSpeed products leave a microscopically smooth finish. No dirt can adhere to the surface. No cleaning, no washing just sailing.

So smooth not even watermarks can form. 


Why the 4 Step Process?

Step 1: Nano Wash

The first step requires the cleanest possible surface. Nano Wash removes and repels any dirt and dust from the surface.

Step 2: Nano Shine

Used to remove any small scratches or imperfections leaving a fast, clean, high-shine finish. 

It is important that the hull has no imperfections before Nano Seal is applied. 

Step 3: Nano Seal

A super hard hydrophobic finish. 

Nano Seal 'locks-in' the shine from polishing and provides long lasting speed and protection. 

Step 4: Nano Boost

Used during the season to quickly remove light dirt or watermarks, boosting speed and shine. Just spray and wipe off immediately. 

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