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Nano Boost

Size :

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NanoBoost is a fast, effective way to top up during the season.

At an event you apply a final touch up. Maybe you missed a few spots when the boat was on the trailer. 

You are under time pressure before racing but with NanoBoost just spray and wipe! 

NanoBoost can be applied as a final speed coat straight over a hull polished with NanoShine or for optimum results a protective layer over NanoSeal.

Also perfect for maintaining NanoSeal during the season and repairing any areas where NanoSeal has been abused.

  • Provides a Superhydrophobic finish

  • Can be used as a short-term speed polish over NanoShine

  • One event before re application

  • Extremely fast to apply

  • Spray and wipe

  • Restore performance

    How to apply

    1. Spray BoatSpeed NanoBoost directly onto clean hull or foils
    2. Use BoatSpeed Detailing Towel to wipe off immediately



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