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For next level protection and speed you need NanoSeal. Microscopic scratches are filled, maintain laminar flow over a larger proportion of your hull and foils. The super smooth finish will reduce drag and work as an antifoul alternative - too smooth for growth to adhere to the hull. 

On topsides, NanoSeal, provides a protective layer which will help prevent scuffing from fenders, maintaining the perfect finish created with NanoShine 

Maintenance is reduced as in most cases only a light hosing with fresh water will clear any dirt from the surface. Salt marks can’t form as due to the superhydrophobic finish, water will bead and run off the surface. Contaminates in the water are also repelled so no scum from oils or algae can adhere to the hull finish. NanoSeal is perfect for reducing the time spent washing and drying water droplets from surfaces.   

  • Fills microscopic imperfections
  • Perfectly smooth so nothing can adhere to surface
  • No growth
  • Antifoul alternative
  • Superhydrophobic
  • Reduced shear force between water and hull – lower drag
  • No water marks – easier to maintain a perfect finish
  • Super hard
  • More robust and durable finish
  • Protects paint and gel
  • Impact resistant
  • UV protection


How to apply

  1. Make sure the surface is perfectly clean – a wipe with isopropanol alcohol or white spirit is best for removing any dust specks
  2. Take your NanoFibre and wrap around your application sponge or fold in half and then half again.
  3. Apply a small amount of NanoSeal to the NanoFibre – a single line from one end to the other is perfect
  4. Apply to the hull and foils in a crosshatch motion working in meter sections
  5. Leave each section for approx. 30 seconds and then buff with a BoatSpeed detailing towel. Rotate the section of towel you use every couple of sections.
  6. Once your hull is fully treated leave for 24hrs for the NanoSeal to harden fully.
  7. Do not reuse a detailing towel after it has been used with NanoSeal. Any excess, buffed off, will dry very hard on the towel and if used again can scratch the surface.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Amazing finish

Used it on my dinghy the day it arrived to try and protect the hull. Think its done a pretty good job. Water droplets run straight down the hull and drop off, looking forward to sailing with it after lockdown

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