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Nano Wash

The first step requires the cleanest possible surface. Nano Wash removes and repels any dirt and dust from the surface.

Nano Shine

Used to remove any small scratches or imperfections leaving a fast, clean, high-shine finish. 

It is important that the hull has no imperfections before Nano Seal is applied.  

Nano Seal

A super hard hydrophobic finish. 

Nano Seal 'locks-in' the shine from polishing and provides long lasting speed and protection. 

Nano Boost

Used during the season to quickly remove light dirt or watermarks, boosting speed and shine. Just spray and wipe off immediately.  

Detailing towel

Very large 70x70cm microfibre detailing towel perfect for use with the BoatSpeed range 

Nano Fibre

3 x 15x15cm Nano Fibre cloths for application of Nano Seal 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luitpold Hirschmann e.K.

I have not recieve the package, can you please send me the tracking number

Ryan Seaton

Still have not received my package.. Could you please give me an update..cheers

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